Monday, December 20, 2010


Forgot the mail carrier, the next-door neighbor who just dropped off a box of chocolates, or Uncle Harry who lives far away? Here are some inexpensive last- minute gifts!

The last-minute dash to the store is inevitable when someone is accidentally omitted from the list or brings by an unexpected present, or when the gifts under the tree just don’t look even and a little something extra is needed to make them seem even.

Ten Last Minute Gifts for Women

Most women are flattered by a personal gift, one that reflects their individual taste. When choosing a last -minute gift for a woman, it is important to match it as much as possible to their personality. For example, a bottle of perfume means more if the fragrance is a personal favorite of the person it is being purchased for. However, there are many presents such as a gift certificate to a hair salon or a set of coasters that make great gifts for anyone, even if their personal tastes are not known.

Below is a list of suggestions for last-minute gifts for women

scented candle
assorted teas
set of wine glasses
bubble bath set
wrap or snuggie
set of coasters
gift certificate for manicure or hair styling
makeup bag
ornamental vase

Ten Last Minute Gifts for Men

Most men enjoy receiving tools, gadgets and little items for their car or computer as gifts. While women often expect a more thoughtful or sentimental present, more generic gifts are well-tolerated by men. If they can use it, they will probably like it.

Below is a list of gift suggestions for men that can be purchased at the last minute:

flash drive
alarm clock
tool set
self-winding flashlight
iPod accessories
Starbucks coffee mug
war or western DVD
gym or fitness center gift certificate

Ten Last Minute Gift Ideas for Families

Some gifts can be enjoyed by the entire family. This cuts cost and eliminates the need to pick out individual presents for every family member. Gifts of food and candy are usually welcomed by everyone. Another option is a game or jigsaw puzzle the entire family can do or play together. A gift for the whole family should be something that every member can enjoy.

Below are some tried and true favorite gifts for families:

gift card for a meal at favorite restaurant
box of assorted chocolates
gift box of selected meats and cheeses
magazine subscription
board game
jigsaw puzzle
homemade or store-bought cookies
fruit basket or big tin of popcorn
holiday dishes
one month family pass to local gym

If someone on the Christmas list has been overlooked, don’t panic. Use these handy suggestions to find just the right last-minute gifts.


Anonymous said...

I just love your website! Those cone shaped christmas trees are adorable, and lots of other great ideas. I want to give you a hug. (Found you by searching for the buckeyes my Grandma used to make)

Perfect Shave said...

Fathers are not picky and I can say that since I am a father myself. Last year my wife gave me shaving soaps and an aftershave and I was very happy about it. This year, I am so excited I wonder what she will give me this Christmas.