Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Time goes by fast!!!!!!!!!!!

The older you get, faster time seems to fly by…It seems like only yesterday I posted about Renee tagging me and here it is a week later…..
Been a busy little bee listing my patterns in new sites….I now have some E-Patterns listed in Pattern Mart, so be sure to peek at them….
I have been so busy, my poor dogs, Kasha (springer spaniel) & Dakota (black lab) wonder why I haven’t been outside playing with them….The weather has finally gotten nicer here, NO Snow!!!!...thank goodness for that…..
It has been a hard long winter here in Minnesota….Now people are getting their gas turned off, because they cannot afford to pay their bill for the long winter….In Minnesota, the utility company cannot turn off your means of heat during the winter, but come April it is pay up or it gets shut off….
Times are so hard now for so many people and even those that had it good 8 years ago…..Lets hope we can get back to those times again!!!!

Well a week ago my dear sweet friend Reene from Birch Berry Farms went and tagged me--thank you for the honor Renee---

Now I get to pass this honor on to 5 unsuspecting peeps in my circle and they are as follows:

Angie of Lovetheprimitivelook
Karen of Prairie River Primitives
Beatrice of Beas Buzzin
Carla of Country Road Primitives
Deanna of Nanny Goat Primitives

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~Tonya said...

So very true, Sue...where does time go?

When I was little, I always use to say, "I'm Bored" I do not have any time to be bored.

I wish just for a little while, time could stand still.

Have a great weekend.