Tuesday, October 28, 2008

On My Mind!

This presidential election has been unprecedented, pulling even political cynics and bystanders into one of the most historic campaigns of our time. As a woman and an African American vied for the Democratic nomination, many people, no matter what party they belonged to, or whom they supported, took deep pride in seeing America reach these milestones...Many of us loved that our daughters and granddaughters saw a woman, for the first time ever, as a serious contender for the highest office in the land..Those among us who are African American or another minority swelled with pride to see a black, for the first time ever, secure the nomination.And a fair number of right leaning folks were happy to see someone with a reputation for bucking the system take the Republican ticket.
No matter whom you support (and no matter how crazy a day you are having on November4), please make the time to vote. Take your kids with you to the polls; let them see democracy in action.
This presidential election are our surest shot at changing what's off track in our country and charting a new course. Vote your hopes, not your fears and may the best candidate win.

Remember our young people are fighting and some are losing their lives to give us the right to VOTE....


Terry said...

First of all....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
Hope your day is filled with fun, and lots of prezzies Sue!

Yes, I vote, and will this year too. We just have to walk across the street to the firehouse, so it's very convenient. We've always stressed to our kids how important and what an honor it is. I'm proud to say they all vote too.
God Bless our country!

Have a great day Sue!

Theresa said...

Happy Birthday Sue! I hope it was a lovely day. Yes, everyone needs to let their vote count. Stand up and be proud that you have the privledge to do so.


Debbies Doodle said...

Well said Sue... I will be working at the voting booth Tuesday.. I Hope we are very busy.. I Thank for for writing such a nice letter on your blog..