Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Hope Of A New President Lies In You!

As the inaugration of Barack Obama proceeds with all the ceremony and hysteria of the latest Rolling stones farewell tour, it's important to recognize that the man at the center of the celebration is not the one who can bring America back to promience. The person who can do that is you.
The president can, with Congress's help and the Supreme Court's approvel, dictate policies that he believes will have the best effect on the nation, but without you he is nothing.
The president can with Congress's help and the Supreme Court's approval, set the tone for his vision of morality for the nation, but without you, that vision has no grounding in reality.
The president can with Congress's help and the Supreme Court's approval, reach down into our school districts and set the framework for the education of our children, but without your commitment to setting the tone at home, that framework will be as effective in bettering our children as the framework of a home is in keeping out the cold without walls and a roof.
The President can do a lot of things, but in the end, it's about you.
Don't get me wrong; Being the president of the United States is the most important job anyone in the world can have-except for your job. The president deserves our respect and honor, regardless of what we think about his positions and policies. But he is nothing without you.
So on this day after the inauguration, lets congratulate President Barack Obama on accepting the tremendous task a president accepts.
But more importantly, I congratulate you on accepting the tremendous task a citizen accepts in being a member of this wonderful democracy.


Creator's Touch said...

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hi Sue

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Jan said...

Thank you, Sue!

~Tonya said...

There is a lot of truth in this post. I hope for change.

A very well written post Sue.

Brrr it's cold outside...Stay warm. Sue.