Friday, October 1, 2010


On Fridays I am going to recycle past posting. This will give new followers a chance to see them and the older followers to find them once again.

Sara over at Graphic Pretties came up with this idea and I thought you might like to start this as a Halloween tradition in your neighborhood…Sounds like fun to me and then maybe at Christmas time you could do a Secret Santa in the same fashion…

Have you heard of ghosting? We started ghosting in our neighborhood a few years ago and it has been started by someone every year since. If you have several children in your neighborhood they will really enjoy the fun!

Pick two neighbors to some treats and put them in a decorative bag or plastic pumpkin... at night sneak up and place the treats on the porch.. knock or ring the doorbell and RUN. place the ghosting letter and ghost picture along with the treats...this will provide them with the info they need to play along.
Get the ghosting letter and ghost picture *HERE*

Want to make some of these adorable
Then go to Our Best Bites for the instructions...Click *HERE* to get the INSTRUCTIONS


Light the path to your haunted mansion with these clever milk jug luminarias
Click *HERE* for the instructions & patterns!!


My Colonial Home said...

My goodness Sue what an interesting post.
I found you just now searching for DRIED ORANGES! Glad I did.
I like your Ghosting...we don't have young children in our neighborhood anymore but what a fun idea.

And.....silly me just sold 22 Mason jars at my rummage sale last week...nice idea!


Jeanette said...

Hi, I just thought that I'd let you know that my four kids (15-21) and I just "ghosted" two of our neighbors for our family night activity tonight. DH is away on a business trip, so he missed out on the fun. It was so fun to drop them off to 2 of our neighbors that we don't really know. (Most of the kids in our neighborhood go to a different school district) We saw two of the kids out looking for the culprits when we drove back to check if they got it. :-) We had alot of fun and know it would have been fun to receive the backets. Hopefully they will spread it to someone else and it will be fun to watch and see, but even if not, we had alot of fun, so thanks for the idea!