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My daughter sent this to me (I was born & raised in Texas & now live in Minnesota) and thought Y'ALL would get a kick out of it!

All Southerners know exactly when "by and by" is ... They might not use the term, but they know the concept well.

Only a Southerner knows instinctively that the best gesture of solace for a neighbor who's got trouble is a plate of hot fried chicken and a big bowl of cold potato salad. If the neighbor's trouble is a real crisis, they also know to add a large banana puddin'!

Only Southerners grow up knowing the difference between "right near" and "a right far piece." They also know that "just down the road" can be 1 mile or 20.

Only a Southerner both knows and understands the difference between a redneck, a good ol' boy, and po' white trash.
No true Southerner would ever assume that the car with the flashing turn signal is actually going to make a turn.

A Southerner knows that "fixin" can be used as a noun, a verb, or an adverb.

Only Southerners make friends while standing in lines, ... and when we're "in line,"... wetalk to everybody!

Put 100 Southerners in a room and half of them will discover they're related, even if only by marriage.

In the South, y'all is singular, all y'all is plural.

Southerners know grits come from corn and how to eat them.
Every Southerner knows tomatoes with eggs, bacon, grits, and coffee are perfectly wonderful; that red eye gravy is also a breakfast food; and that fried green tomatoes are not a breakfast food.

When you hear someone say, "Well, I caught myself lookin'," you know you are in the presence of a genuine Southerner!

Only true Southerners say "sweet tea" and "sweet milk." Sweet tea indicates the need for sugar and lots of it -- we do not like our tea unsweetened. "Sweet milk" means you don't want buttermilk.

And a true Southerner knows you don't scream obscenities at little old ladies who drive 30 MPH on the freeway. You just say,"Bless her heart"... and go your own way.

To those of you who are still a little embarrassed by your Southerness: Take two tent revivals and a dose of sausage gravy and call me in the morning. Bless your heart!

And to those of you who are still having a hard time understanding all this Southern stuff...bless your hearts, I hear they are fixin' to have classes on Southernness as a second language!

And for those that are not from the South but have lived here for a long time, all y'all need a sign to hang on y'alls front porch that reads "I'm not from the South, but I got here as fast as I could."

Southern women know men may come and go, but friends are fahevah !

Now Shugah, send this to someone who was raised in the South or wishes they had been!

f you're a Northern transplant, bless your little heart, fake it. We know you got here as fast as you could.



3 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves
1 stalk celery
1 onion
1/2 teaspoon minced garlic
4 eggs
1 large red apple, diced
6 DelMonte Sweet Garden Crunchers, diced
1 (3 ounce) package sliced almonds
Salt and pepper to taste crushed red pepper to taste
1/4 cup mayonnaise


Over medium-high heat, bring a medium pot of lightly salted water to boil. Add chicken, celery, a slice of the onion, and garlic. Reduce heat to medium and simmer for 1 hour.

Chop remaining onion and set aside.

Place eggs in a saucepan and cover with cold water. Bring water to a boil and immediately remove from heat. Cover and let eggs stand in hot water for 10 to 12 minutes. Remove from hot water, cool, peel and chop.
Drain chicken, discarding boiled vegetables. Chop chicken when cool.
In a medium bowl, mix the apple, onion, pickles, almonds and salt, if desired. Add black and red pepper to taste. Stir in enough mayonnaise until the mixture sticks together well. 6.Cover a serving dish with lettuce leaves. Mound the chicken salad in the middle, and sprinkle with additional almonds, if desired. Serve with crackers.


The secret to tasty home fries is to bake the potatoes, rather than to boil them; that way the flavor stays within the potatoes

3 baked potatoes
3 tablespoons salted butter or bacon fat
1 small white onion – diced
½ cup diced bell pepper
Salt and pepper


Chop the baked potatoes, skins and all, into 1-inch cubes. Reserve.

Melt the butter (or bacon fat) and add the diced onions & bell peppers. Sauté for about 2 minutes, then toss in the cubed potatoes. Add salt and pepper and stir the mixture over medium heat for about 10 minutes.

Serve hot and crispy.


It’s so bad, it’s good.


1/2 teaspoon ground cayenne
2 teaspoons mesquite seasoning
1/2 teaspoon celery salt
1 teaspoon garlic powder
Spray olive oil
24 ounces frozen French fries
1 cup Monterey Jack cheese (plain), shredded
3/4 cup bottled chunky or creamy Blue Cheese dressing
1/2 cup Blue Cheese, crumbled
2 stalks celery, trimmed and minced
4 green onions, thinly sliced


Preheat oven to 450 degrees F. Mix together the cayenne, mesquite seasoning, celery salt and garlic powder. Reserve.

Spray frozen fries with olive oil, tossing to coat all sides. Sprinkle with seasonings and toss to coat evenly.

Bake on a cookie sheet in a single layer, flipping fries over halfway during cooking so both sides crisp evenly. Remove from oven and top with shredded Monterey Jack cheese.

Return to oven for 30 seconds, or until cheese melts.

Remove from oven and quickly drizzle with Blue Cheese dressing, top with crumbled Blue cheese, minced celery and green onion and serve.


Pour a little of the bacon grease on the fries when baking them then sprinkle some of the Taco Seasoning on the Fries as well.


1 bag Spicy Ore Ida Home Fries (frozen)
4 slices cooked bacon, crumbled
½ cup cheddar cheese, shredded


1 bottle ranch dressing
1/2 package taco seasoning

Cook fries according to package directions. Sprinkle on cheese and crumbled bacon. Return to oven until cheese is melted. Serve with dip below.

Mix dip ingredients well.


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I sure love reading your stories and your recipes. They are the best.


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I'm fixin to laugh ya'll!