Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Well Looks Like I Have Been Tagged By Two Friends!!..

Sara from Graphic Pretties and Kay from Peddlin Treasures have both tagged me...How very nice of them...
Here are the rules:
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What do you not know about me? How about these random things:
1-My grandson Derrick served for 16 months in Iraq.
2-Two of my daughters, who are in their 40's are in college.
3-Saturday a great grandson turns 7 and Sunday another one turns 8.
4-I am scared to death of heights...Just seeing it in a movie makes me sick.
5-I love "Gone With The Wind" the book and have been watching it since 1939..
6-I think the spirt of my daughter's dead horse, Quaker, lives in a Cardinal that comes to visit me all the time.
I tag:
1-Old Harbor Saltbox:
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5-The Holly Tree Blog:
6-The Cre8orstouch:
7-MommaB's Front Porch

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Rooster Inn Primitives said...

Thanks for tagging me sue. As soon as i get a change i'll get it done.

Hugs Pam