Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rambling Thursday...Some Of This & Some Of That..."Perfect Scrambled Eggs"

Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Having tasted delicious scrambled eggs and then been unable to recreate them myself I tried to figure out what I was doing wrong. A little research into the way the French do it and I was on my way. Nothing fancy here, just a little patience.
And of course butter.

Basic Scrambled Eggs
for two
2 T. butter, plus another pat at the ready
6 large fresh eggs
1/2 tsp. water, or just a few drops
salt & pepper

double boiler or similar set-up (one saucepan set above a larger saucepan containing simmering water)

Melt 2 T. butter in the saucepan at the top of the double boiler. Crack the eggs into a mixing bowl. With the fork, beat in the water, salt and pepper, just until the yolks are blended into the whites.
Add the eggs to the melted butter in the pan and stir with the spatula, scraping the bottom of the pan in a circular motion. Be patient and continue to stir although nothing seems to be happening for a minute or two.
Continue slowly scraping the pan and suddenly the eggs will thicken and lump. Pick up the pace a bit with the spatula, making sure all the surfaces of the pan are scraped down.
Take the eggs off the heat and incorporate another of pat of butter with the wisk so the eggs won't become overcooked.
Remove the eggs to warmed plates and serve immediately!!

Flattened Bottle Caps For Scrapbooking Or Altered Art Embellishments!

Need bottlecaps?...check out your local neighborhood bar and ask for their bottle caps...

#1. Supplies needed to manually hammer these flat are: metal bottlecaps, a hammer or mallet, and a rubber mat.
#2. Next we have to remove the glue used to seal the cap to the bottle. This needs to be removed if placing images or embellishments on the INSIDE. Some crafters choose not to flatten the caps but rather to leave them large and place the image or decoration on the FLAT part of the OUTSIDE of the cap.
There are 2 different ways to remove the glue and both involve HEAT. You can use a crafters heat gun or a household candle.
Both methods will require a pair of needle nose pliers to hold the cap because as you heat it to melt the glue it will become too hot to hold.

I have tried both methods. I prefer the candle as it leaves a dirty, smoky burnt look to the metal, aging it naturally.

Warm the glue for a few seconds (approx 8) and then start to pick at it with either a Popsicle stick or large needle...starting at the edge and moving towards the center to peel off
#3. Next, place the bottlecap FLAT SIDE DOWN onto a hard flat surface like a work table or concrete floor.
Lay rubber mat OVER bottlecap(s) can do several at a time once you get the hang of it.

..and start to hammer edges...they will naturally curve over creating a thinner embellishment.

#4. Now you are ready to embellish the center with an image, you can use personal images (GIFT IDEA!:drill a hole into your cap, add a jump ring and family photo and create a wonderful gift for mom or grandma!)

Bottlecap digital collage sheets are an easy way to quickly get your hands on several images that have already been measured and fit into/onto caps perfectly! Simply cut out or punch out with a 1" paper punch the desired image and glue it into place! Your embellishment is complete!

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