Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday's Old Boots Gardening!

Richard Smyth

I will go with the boot
into distances
the long haul through life

The boot will be with me
in summer mud,
on mountain trail,
through winter mist.

It will hold me
like a mother holds her child
and I will be warm and safe.

The boot will never wonder
of arrival,
for it knows the worth of journeys.

There is never a need to ask
what the boot knows.
It speaks in footprints,
summits, departures:

the rapture of passage,
the humility of mission.

This is a feast for the eyes:

I hope you enjoyed this and got some ideas to use in your garden or home using the Old Boots!


The Charm House said...

This is so funny... I was going to do a post on using old boots to decorate with... Sue, you beat me to it! I can add a few to it though! For the inside! I will wait and do it later and you can act all giddy and surprised!! Loved all your boot ideas!
Love you,

Sugar Bush Primitives said...

I love the boots!!!!! We have tons of old chore boots around here. Now I have some cool ideas.

Just stopping by to return the hug and the well wishes for a happy and blessed spring.


kathy said...

SUE how cute these ideas are -- It made me smile - so will be checking out all my grown sons boots lol!!-- HUb only has a hiking -pair -- high tech and so spensive !lol --