Friday, April 24, 2009

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This Internet Hot Spot started as a hobby.
Rick Paquin (my son) is an Internet developer and marketer with several years experience (old-timer by Internet standards). Outdoors Minnesota was his hobby site (He loves fishing and the people associated with the outdoors).
In January 1998 he decided his hobby had to pay for itself. So, he began marketing Fishing Minnesota with specialized skills and insider secrets.
In one year he improved from 8,000 visits a month to 123,000 plus. is the number one midwest based outdoor site according to an independent Internet traffic audit group.
That's right, #1. is also the #1 fishing site in the world. He has now cracked 1 million visitors in a month.
Not hits mind you but actual sessions or visits
This is for all you gals
to show your husbands and let them know that there are good things on the blogs for them...Look in the right column and click on the Fishing Minnesota Logo and it will take you there...Once you are there be sure to visit the
"We Have More Fun at The Leading Edge" &

This is my son Rick, his wife Cheryl (she is from Australia) and their son Liam

These were taken at a field trial last weekend, where the dog Millie took 4Th place...It was her first field trial and all the other dogs had professional handlers and Millie just had a novice handler my son Rick...In the picture with Rick and Millie are my grandchildren Bronte, Annabelle and Liam...

Here is Liam, Annabelle & Bronte...


Jacque. said...

Hey must be immensely proud of your son. WOW...what an accomplishment. Good for him! Field trialing...that is something I thought about doing years and years ago with my Labs. Never followed through. Great photos!

Deb's Country Crafts said...

Beautiful family Sue!