Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This & That Junk Drawer Wednesday-Free Website-Tutorial Recycling Drawers-Fun Picture Sites-Earth Day!!

This is a great tutorial. Sometimes you can have drawers that you just don't want to throw out...or you just want a project to do..well this is a great one. You can find it on jcaroline



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Fun Picture Sites

I just came across a couple sites that have some fun photo tools. One lets you add some "bling" and such to your pictures. The other lets you create slide shows and more. Have fun with them




On this Earth Day, when many people are thinking about recycling and deciding on just one thing they can do to become more eco-friendly, one 27-year-old entrepreneur has managed to turn his dreams of a greener Earth into money in the bank.
TerraCycle's Tom Szasky explains how he made a profit out of garbage.
Tom Szaky, CEO of TerraCycle, has a tale of ultimate eco-capitalism. To Szaky, another man's trash literally is his treasure.
"I don't see garbage anymore. I just see cash," he said.
Instead of recycling, his company upcycles, which is the art of turning garbage into making something new while still utilizing the trash's original shape.They pay you for your garbage...Check them out at TerraCycle

Here are a couple things they make from TRASH!


Cynthia Holt Ziemian said...

Hello Sue! I just love your website! And although I don't make a lot of comments, it is certainly my favorite! I learned to make apple pies and homeade pie crust thanks to you! Here is a website that also has some baking involved.

What I am wondering is....I am wanting to make that Paula Deen cake, but can you figure out a different kind of pan I could use instead of a spring foam pan? I hate to go out and buy one for just one cake. I knew if anyone had any suggestions, it would be you! You are just so clever...thanks in advance.

john said...

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