Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Seventeen Weeks Down That Road Again & Independence Day Centerpiece!!

Well it's my seventeeth week "Down That Road Again" and this week I didn't lose even one ounce....Must of done something wrong and will simply have to try harder next week...
Thought you might like to start on some decorations for the Fourth of July!

Independence Day Centerpiece
By: DecoArt

Celebrate the USA with an Independence Day centerpiece composed of painted pots, stars and firecrackers. This is a great piece for outdoor dining on the Fourth of July.

DecoArt Products Required
Patio Paint

•DCP10 - Summer Sky Blue
•DCP14 - Cloud White
•DCP19 - Antique Mum
•DCP20 - Sunflower Yellow
•DCP21 - Wrought Iron Black

Brushes by Loew-Cornell Brush Co. - Loew-Cornell Golden Taklon: Series 7300 shader 12; Series 7550 Wash 1"; Series 7050 Script Liner 1
Supplies - compressed sponge, star picks, Raffia, Hot glue gun and glue
Terra Cotta Pot
1/2" thick wood dowel stick cut approx. 4", 7", 8", and 11" in ht.
Star and Letters cut from 1-1/2" thick wood
Wooden Hearts
Wood Blocks (4) cut approx. 3" x 3" x 3"
1/2" Wood Platform for firecrackers cut approx. 4" square
1-1/4" round wood dowel for firecrackers cut approx. 5", 7", and 9" tall
Click here for USA PATTERN


USA Terra Cotta Pot
1. Paint the base of pot Antique Mum. Paint the rim Patio Brick. Allow to dry.
2. Stars: Transfer star pattern to compressed sponge and cut out. Dab sponge in Sunflower Yellow and randomly place stars on the rim of the pot.
3. Transfer USA pattern. Paint letters Summer Sky Blue. Outline w/Black. Add dots with White.

USA Letters, Hearts and Blocks
1. Paint all letters Daisy Cream. Paint hearts and blocks Patio Brick and some Summer Sky Blue. Allow to dry. Dab stars on blocks using same instructions as step 2 above.
2. U: Cut a square from compressed sponge and dab on using Patio Brick. S: Brush-on stripes using Patio Brick, Summer Sky Blue and Sunflower Yellow. A: Brush on Summer Sky Blue stripes. Outline all letters w/Black.
3. Star and dowels: Paint Sunflower Yellow. Dot star w/White and outline w/Black.
4. Drill a hole in the top of each block and the bottom of each letter and star for the dowel to fit in. After they are attached, glue on hearts, raffia and star picks.

1. Paint the base Patio Brick. Paint firecrackers Daisy Cream. Allow to dry.
2. 9" Firecracker: Brush on Summer Sky Blue stripes approx. 7" from the bottom. 7" Firecracker: Approx. 3 1/2" from the bottom dab on Patio Brick squares cut from compressed sponge. 5" Firecracker: Brush on stripes approx. 4" from the bottom using Patio Brick, Summer Sky Blue and Sunflower Yellow. All Firecrackers: Paint a 1/2" wide Sunflower Yellow band. Paint the tops Summer Sky Blue.
3. Drill a small hole in the top of ea. firecracker to stick star picks in. Glue or nail firecrackers to the base. Tie raffia around the center.

Finishing Instructions

Spray all pieces with Matte Sealer

Patriotic Pot Trio
Three cheers for the red, white, and blue in this trio of all-American pots painted with bright, patriotic colors.

DecoArt Products Required
Patio Paint
•DCP11 - Pot O' Gold
•DCP14 - Cloud White
•DCP43 - Holly Berry Red
•DCP51 - Cobalt Blue

1" painter's tape
Foam plate
1/4" round foam pouncer brush
1" and 1/2" flat brushes
Small round brush
2" square piece of cardstock
Craft knife
4", 6", and 8" terra cotta pots

4" pot
1. Paint pot rim and insides Holly Berry Red; let dry.
2. Paint pot below rim Pot O' Gold and let dry.
3. Referring to photo for placement, paint Cobalt Blue swirls on Pot O' Gold areas. Let dry.
4. Use end of brush handle dipped in Holly Berry Red to paint four dots at end of swirls. Let dry.
5. Use Cloud White to paint word "and" on rim of pot; let dry.

6" pot
1. Paint pot rim and insides Cloud White; let dry.
2. Paint pot below rim Cobalt Blue and let dry.
3. Trace and cut star stencil from cardstock. Refer to photo for placement and use pouncer brush dipped into Pot O" Gold to paint stars over Cobalt Blue area. Let dry.
4. Use 1/4" pouncer brush and Cloud White to paint dots around stars; let dry.
5. Use Holly Berry Red to paint word "stars" on rim of pot; let dry.

8" pot
1. Paint pot rim and insides Cobalt Blue and let dry.
2. Paint pot below rim Cloud White; let dry.
3. Mark off vertical stripes on pot as evenly as possible with painter's tape 1" apart at bottom edge; press edges down securely to avoid seepage. Paint stripes Holly Berry Red; let dry and remove tape.
4. Use Pot O' Gold to paint word "stripes" on rim of pot; let dry.

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