Monday, October 26, 2009


Sara over at Graphic Pretties came up with this idea and I thought you might like to start this as a Halloween tradition in your neighborhood…Sounds like fun to me and then maybe at Christmas time you could do a Secret Santa in the same fashion…

Have you heard of ghosting? We started ghosting in our neighborhood a few years ago and it has been started by someone every year since. If you have several children in your neighborhood they will really enjoy the fun!

Pick two neighbors to some treats and put them in a decorative bag or plastic pumpkin... at night sneak up and place the treats on the porch.. knock or ring the doorbell and RUN. place the ghosting letter and ghost picture along with the treats...this will provide them with the info they need to play along.
Get the ghosting letter and ghost picture *HERE*

Want to make these Mason Jar Lanterns?...Then check out my old post about them *HERE*!

Light the path to your haunted mansion with these clever milk jug luminarias
Click *HERE* for the instructions & patterns!!


Domestic Goddess said...

We are doing the mason jar projects this week for our Fall Festival on Sunday.
Your ghosting sounds like fun too. My family didsomething like that as an on going joke. My Aunt had given the kids a Sponge Bob cookie jar. The thing would talk whenever vibrations set it off. It drove us crazy! One night Daughter and I performed Operation Sponge Bob Drop. We set it in front of the front door and ran. My brother almost had a heart attack when he opened the door and Sponge Bob shouted "I feel GREAT I feel Empowered!" So he kept it until my mom came to visit and then hid it in her car when she left. She almost wrecked because he started talking while she was driving. She left it at my other brothers house and so on. Too much fun.

penny said...

Help! The sight you gave for the "goasting" letter did not come up. Would you send it to me please. Thanks. I enjoy your blog. Your recipies and ideas are great!