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Hope you will find a few tips that you didn't already know...So take a peek and if you have a real great tip or trick you would like to share, then comment on it!


Locked in someone’s Frame:
While you are surfing the net you get stuck in someone’s site, just click on "Home" on your browser menu and you are free of the frames.
Closing a Window:
You can close any program or browser window by double clicking on the icon in the top left corner, this is very helpful when you can't click on the X because it's off the screen.
Scroll Wheel Mouse Trick:
If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, hold down the Ctrl key and at the same time, by scrolling up or down with the little scroll wheel, you can alter the size of the text.
Windows shortcut tip CTRL+F:
A quick way to find what you are looking for on a page that has an enormous amount of text. By holding down the CTRL key and pressing the F a window will appear. Type in the word that you are searching for and it will highlight on the page.
Minimize of Maximize a Window Double click on the top bar of a window and it will minimize or maximize.
Moving a Window:
You can move any program or browser window by holding left mouse on the blue line at the top, you now can move it up or down, left or right.
Opening links in a new browser window:
Sometimes, you want to see what's behind the link, but you don't want to lose your place. That's when you might want to show the link in a new window. Instead of clicking the link, click it with your RIGHT mouse button, and then select Open in New Window. That way, you see what's behind the link but your don't lose your place in your intranet site.
Browser Back Button:
When you are browsing and want to go back to a previous page, right click your mouse on your browser Back button and you will get a dropdown menu of your previously visited pages. Pick one.
Space Savers:
When you crash Windows, your whole Undo log is left in the Windows\Temp folder. If you don't keep a check on this, you can soon end up with a huge amount of stuff clogging up your hard drive and sometimes confusing PSP as well. Go to c:\Windows\Temp and delete all the files starting with Und, and anything else that's left over there from other software crashes.
When you visit a graphic site remember that you can also use the textured tiles, etc. as your desktop wallpaper. Note in the wallpaper section of your desktop properties you can only save one image per browser, such as Netscape and I.E., so each time you select a wallpaper it will override your previous selection. Also, you can change the display to read tile, for coverage of your total screen; or center for a picture effect and have icons around the edges.
Move your mouse to the image you like, right-click on the image, left click "set as wallpaper". Now place your browser in the taskbar area to view your new background. You can also use this technique to see if you want to save it for your web pages.
How to print or save recipes:
Should you wish to print just one recipe, or just keep it in your own recipe folder it is very easy to do in Windows.
To just print a section of a page it may be possible that all you need to do is place your mouse cursor at the beginning of the recipe, holding the left mouse button down drag the cursor over the recipe, right click your mouse, choose PRINT then before you print change the print range of your printer to read selection
Another way to print or copy a recipe is to use the copy/paste method
First place your mouse cursor at the beginning of the recipe, holding the left mouse button down drag the cursor over the recipe, Right click you mouse, select copy.
Now you can paste this recipe into almost any document you choose. For example: open Notepad, located under your Start Button/Program/Accessories. Move your mouse cursor to where you want it pasted, left click. Then right click, select paste.
To print from Notepad, click on File in the Notepad toolbar and select Print; or it can be modified or edited and saved in your recipe folder.
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