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Festive Christmas Dinner Table Settings

Looking for festive ideas to decorate your Christmas dinner table in new and unique ways? Included here are several small suggestions that can be used alone or all together

The following Christmas dinner table decorating tips can be quickly and inexpensively done. A small effort with a big effect to share your Christmas spirit with all your Christmas dinner guests.

Try one or more of these Christmas dinner table decorating ideas at your holiday meal:

~Use small Christmas stockings to hold silver ware. Tuck the knives, forks, and spoons into the stocking and if you like, add a decorative touch by including a candy cane. You can also tuck the napkin in behind your silverware. If you haven't the time to shop for lots of little stockings, tie silverware bundles with Christmas ribbon and place atop cloth napkins.

~Festively coordinate wine glasses and goblets by crafting handmade wine glass charms to match your table, a guest's personality or hobby and give the charms to your guests as favors of the day. (See this_article to learn how to easily and inexpensively craft wine glass charms with beads.)

~Looking for another way to festively coordinate glasses and goblets? Buy one or two bunches of fake Christmas berry, Holly, or tiny poinsettias, then cut small sprigs from the bunches and wrap them once or twice around stemware bases. The same works beautifully to decorate coffee mug handles during the dessert course.

~Flower or candle centerpieces add beauty to a Christmas dinner table to be sure, but they also waste precious table real estate with a large piece that won't be served. Make good use of your central Christmas table space and still gain the effect of an attractive centerpiece by placing a large basket or bowl filled with rolls and bread in the middle of a fake green or Christmas berry wreath. The piece can be easily removed if the space is later needed for a main course, or the bread bowl can be exchanged for a meat platter, vegetables, or potatoes.
~As an alternative to taking up table space with a large basket of bread, place small Christmas baskets with individual bread and butter servings at each place setting. An added benefit- the close by individual bread

course keeps passing and bumping across the table to a minimum.

~On the alternate side of each place setting, place a colorful, Christmassy saucer to hold condiments. Give each place setting (or in between every other) a small set of crystal salt and pepper shakers and a dollop of whipped butter or several sliced butter pats. This way, Christmas dinner guests will have all they need readily at hand and won't have to wait while their food cools for condiments to be passed.

~Add a festive Christmas touch to cloth napkins by exchanging napkin rings for small Christmas ornaments. Slip a small, personally chosen Christmas ornament over a folded or rolled napkin for each Christmas dinner guest to keep. Or for another decorative Christmas napkin ring alternative, buy strong tinsel, gift wrapping ribbon, Christmassy or red and green plaid fabric craft ribbon and use it as a tie.

~Make each Christmas dinner guest feel welcome at the table with small, decorative jewelry size boxes wrapped in Christmas paper topped with ribbon and set out at each place setting. Prior to wrapping, fill each little box with after dinner mints or a couple of chocolate truffles. With the look of small presents, gifts will offer guests breath refreshment, or a little taste of dessert for the meantime when no one can yet think of a full dessert serving.

~Decorate each Christmas dinner guest's place setting with a small, Christmassy tea light or votive candle in a pretty glass holder. Small candles keep each place setting intimate, without overwhelming the table with large, obstructing taper candles. The ambience of a candle lit Christmas dinner is maintained, without interfering with conversation around the table. During Christmas dinner, unscented candles are best, so you can all enjoy the wonderful aromas of the foods being served.
These are several ways to add decoration to your Christmas dinner table while maintaining serving ease and function. Choose one festive touch, try many, or incorporate your favorite suggestions with a small crafted Christmas tree and arrange useful decorative elements around it for a centerpiece that serves double duty. Above all, enjoy your guests and enjoy your day, and have a very Merry Christmas!

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Great ideas.... Love the stocking for the silverware. Merry Christmas to you and yours