Saturday, December 18, 2010


Forgot to put this in my post earlier today

What better way to keep kids feeling jolly than to encourage them to play with their food. To help your guests create these festive Sugar Cone Trees, stock the station with paper plates, sugar cones, sugar cookies (your own or store-bought), store-bought icing (one batch of white, one batch tinted with green food coloring), shredded coconut, sprinkles, lollipops, and a selection of bite-size candies. To make a tree, spread a cone with green icing; spoon a dollop of white icing onto a sugar cookie, then gently push the cone into the icing. Top the icing with shredded coconut snow. Decorate the tree with sprinkles and candy ornaments, and crown with a lollipop star (nibble a hole in the cone for the stem).

My 3 year old greatgranddaughter made one of these at her pre-school Thursday. She was so proud of it and had a ball eating her creation.


nancy huggins said...

What a cute and quick treat..wish I was going to see my GK this Christmas

Catherine said...

This is just best little treat ever. Thanks for posting.