Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fabric..Different Types & Weaves To Use For Your Primitive Items!!!

There are more than one type of fabric to use in making your dolls, snowmen, rabbits, santas, crows, sheep etc....Here is a list of fabric I have used and I hope it will give you some ideas to try with your prim crafting....

Muslin: muslin comes in different thread counts…I like the cheaper muslin (lower thread count) for a lot of my work, because it turns out so primitive looking..
Osnaburg: which is also cotton but coarser
Canvas Painters Floor Cloth: from Home Depot/Lowes
Linen: one of my favorites
Kettle Cloth/Weaver’s Cloth:
Canvas:…buy at Joann’s Fabric
Chenille: makes some lovely snowmen..
Sheets: from thrift stores/yard sales
Wool: white or off white
Fleece: Awesome snowmen, and animals
Cotton Flannel: makes great snowmen & gingerbread men
Burlap: great for crows, watermelons
Damask: table cloth or napkins
Terry Cloth: or old towels from thrift stores/garage sales
Flour Sacks: from wal-mart
Cotton Twill:…Have made some awesome prims from this—the texture was truly primitive
Plain Natural Cotton Homespun:—Walmart often has this and it gives a more rustic look
Cotton Crepe: watch for textured cottons in white or off white when you shop.
Monks Cloth: You can find at wal-mart or Joann"s Fabric
Warm & Natural Cotton Batting:
Baby Cordroy: wrong side out it has a very interesting texture
After you’ve explored these possibilities, you’re going to start looking at nearly all fabrics with a new eye.

Now here are three items that are new and hot in the quilting world...I just like to use them for displaying in my home...

What is a "Layer Cake?" A Layer Cake is a professionally cut bundle of 40 - 10 inch by 10 inch squares of fabric. A "Layer Cake" will feature a 10 inch by 10 inch square of each piece of fabric in a particular collection.

What is a "Jelly Roll?" A jelly roll is a professionally precut bundle of fabric from the same collection rolled and tied up with a ribbon. A jelly roll usually contains 40, 2.5 inch by 44 inch strips. Each jelly roll contains approximately 2 3/4 yards of fabric. Jelly rolls are great for scrap quilts, log cabins or any project requiring strips that are less than or equal to 2.5 inches in width. Many of the new patterns today are suggesting the use of jelly rolls. A great addition to any stash!

What is a "Charm Pack?" A charm pack is a professionally cut bundle of 5 inch squares of fabric. A "Charm Pack" will feature a 5 inch by 5 inch square of each piece of fabric in a particular collection. Many times there will be two squares of the same print so be sure to read each individual pack for details.


Kimberly said...

Thanks Sue! (Oh great, now I need to go shopping again...)

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Hi Sue, thanks for visiting my blog! that's what I figure, if God is whispering in my ear all day to go to Goodwill, I best do it! He's never wrong!
That jellyroll is sooo cute. I'd have to buy it, even though I never get around to sewing anymore!

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