Thursday, February 5, 2009

Not Trash, Just TREASURE!

Does the economy have you on your heels?
Are you searching for loose change in your couch cushions?
Do you still have a couch? Or in need of one?
Then check out
What is ReUseIt?
The ReUseIt Network is an on-line forum that serves as a tool to make connections between community members who want to help each other, themselves, and their environment. In a disposable society where many items are discarded long before they have actually outlived their use, The ReUseIt Network helps get things from people who have them but don't want them, to people who want them but don't have them...
This is a really good place to get rid of things, you no longer want and you don't want to bother with a garage sale...Children go through toys like crazy, so why not give them away or exchange them...You can also request items you need and want....
Another site is
The Freecycle Network™ is made up of 4,675 groups with 6,386,000 members across the globe. It's a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (& getting) stuff for free in their own towns. It's all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills. Each local group is moderated by a local volunteer (them's good people). Membership is free.
What a great way to recycle and keep perfectly good items out of our landfills..
We can also give to Goodwill, Salvation Army, nonprofit thrift stores and our local churches....Check them out...Just click on the names to go to their sites...
Today my daughter and I drove to Kenyon MN about 14 miles away to a thrift shop called "Third World Thrift Shope" and what a lovely place it neat, organized and clean...I came home with 2 bags of goodies for only $18....Will take pictures, and show what I got tomorrow....
I must say I got so warm today that I had to take my coat off...Man that felt so good for a change...It was above freezing the first time in weeks and weeks....I even bought some seeds today...Spring is coming down that track....ENJOY!

Oh yes I won the weight challenge over on Primitive Lifestyles...I will get a dollar from the other gals in the challenge and I also won the book "Eat This...Not That"...I would be doing the happy dance if I could get these olde bones to move like that again....See you'll tomorrow


The Charm House said...

Sue, I just can't tell you how much I enjoy you post!!! You help me through daily life!
Love you,

Kimberly said...

Congrats on your win! I know you're (we're) all working hard on this weight thing. Happy dance or not, you deserve it!

Back in the Day said...

Thanks so much for the helpful tips! I am going to check those out for my area!

Catherine said...

Nice thoughtful informative post. We seldom buy new anymore. I love used stuff and recycling. Sad to say, but our local Salvation Army is so expensive, those that need a break on clothes, dishes or furniture can`t afford it.

Lesley's Creations said...

Hi Sue. I love reading your posts there so positive. I managed to have a huge clear out in January and took 12 bags to my local charity shop. We also have what's called a scrap store over here. I posted about it in an earlier blog. There's nothing like gaining something new from someones old! Congratulations on your weight loss. xx

basketsnprims said...

I so enjoy your posts & congrats on your win this week. We recycle, reuse, redo, makedo, and I always donate what we don't need to Goodwill. I buy new occasionally but try and get handmade if it's for me and made in USA if it's household. Have a wonderful day.